Handle for reamer and taps - 1695.1/4BI

Handle is ergonomically shaped and made of heavy duty two component material. Its specialty is the magnetic tooth, which enables quick and easy assembly of the tool and at the same time allows you to use a single handle on several different tools.
Handle is compatible with:
Bottom bracket tapping tool BSA 1697
Bottom bracket tapping tool ITAL 1698
Bottom bracket facing tool BSA & ITAL 1699
Head tube facing tool 1694
Set of adapters and taps BSA 1697.3
Adapter for tap BSA 1697.2/4
Set of adapters and taps ITAL 1698.3
Adapter for tap ITAL 1698.2/4
Bottom bracket reamer tool frame BSA & ITA 1699.2/4
Head tube facing tool frame 1694.2/4

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