Magnetic tray - 2086

Material: stainless steel, corrosion resistant
keeps parts and tools right where you need them
holds any small nuts, bolts and steel parts
powerful permanent magnet covers with protective rubber foot
can be used in any position
How to use the tool:
With its powerful rubber-protected magnet, this magnetic tray is suitable for practically all industrial applications ranging from car repair shops to everywhere where it can be attached to a metal surface. It can be used in all positions - the magnet is so powerful that the tray can even be fitted upside-down. The tray is intended for protecting screws, nuts and the like against being misplaced, and for storing them in a central location to minimise the time needed to find a specific item.
for usage in garage, engine, household work

Packaging data
Retail tool packaging Transport package
619728 150 165 165 53 457 1 - - - -

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Legend of symbols
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