Cartridge bottom bracket wrench - 1671.8/2BI

material: premium flex plus carbon steel
ergonomic heavy duty double component handle
It is composed of wrench, product no. 1671.1, screw with nut and handle.
The double threaded screw enables you to use this tool for Shimano standard bottom brackets as well as for Shimano Octalink and Truvativ bottom brackets.
How to use the tool:
This tools allows you to thread the wrench into the axle with the additional screw. This prevents the wrench from slipping and damaging the bottom bracket nut. Work is made easy by the 350 mm long handle with the two part ergonomic sleeve. The same procedure can be used for installation. The screw is 24 mm AF and is used with a 24 mm wrench or with a torque wrench. The handle can be taken down if necessary.

Packaging data
Retail tool packaging Transport package
623087 460 58 90 510 4 230 570 62 2170

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